XOD Boats

XOD Boats
The XOD was originally designed in 1909 by Alfred Westmacott, and most are still sailing today. The current owners are renowned for their affection to the boat, and most are today in fantastic condition as well as keenly raced.

The knowledge Zone has a good introduction to XOD’s if you are not familiar with the class

Take a look at the video of the 2010 Cowes Week Thursday XOD start line here

As specialists in wood restoration, repair and race preparation in conjunction with the 2011 XOD Centenary in Cowes, David Heritage has experienced a huge influx of X Boat owners approaching the yard for work in the form of race preparation and repair all the way through to complete XOD restoration.

David Heritage Racing Yachts are especially pleased with the Centenary Regatta, as one of DHRY’s restorations, Lizz Whizz, won the show piece race that started off the Squadron line on the last day of Cowes Week.

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XOD restoration

XOD Sunshine, undergoing complete restoration, November 2008

XOD Lizz Whiz with her deck removed.

XOD restoration

Nigel working on XOD Myrtle’s deck coaming.

You can contact the XOD Class Association through the following website: http://www.xonedesign.org.uk
Download article written by Neil Payne in the Island Sailing Club magazine Autumn 08 about the X Boat Class